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Why is Mental Coaching so Needed in Basketball

Sports Psychology Special – John F Murray, PhD – December 21, 2013 – Hello from Dr. John F. Murray, sports psychologist in Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve had the pleasure and fortune of working with some truly remarkable athletes and teams over my career of almost 15 years in private practice...

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Coaching tips – Use humor

In our serious quest toward improving mental and physical skills, one important ingredient is often overlooked — humor. Coaches in all sports including tennis are advised at times to heed the wisdom of the best comedians. Let’s start laughing and take a closer look.

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How David beat Goliath

What’s the secret to beating Goliath in sports?  When underdogs choose not to play by Goliath’s rules, they win, Arregun Toft concluded, even when everything we think we know about power says they shouldn’t.

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How to deal with performance problems as a professional athlete

There are many easy way to tackle performance problems says Sports Psychologists, Dr. John F. Murray.  The first is to recognize that anxiety is the cause of many performance problems.  You can boil it down to fear.

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Why do so many athletes make a comeback after retiring?

Retiring is like a first death for most athletes. It is almost impossible to find the same thrill as on a match day, and like a war veteran at a military reunion, there are no finer hours than those that were spent in battle for a worthy mission...

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